How widespread is the practice of giving the patient a copy of their 12 lead ecg?

Not so much for the patients benefit (though it could be) but for the benefit of health care professionals the patient may consult in the future.

These questions are for patients or health care staff

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Have you NEVER been given a copy of your ecg (did you ask)?

Is it policy NOT to give patients a copy of their ecg (even if they ask)?

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When were you given a copy of your 12 lead ecg?

When did you begin giving ecg's to patients?

Where was it given to you?

Name of hospital or institution
Unit / ward or department

Where do you work?

Was it given to you as...

An A4 size (8 x 12 inches) sheet of paper
Smaller than A4 size paper
Folded, to carry in your pocket/wallet/handbag
In a folder or wallet with other information

How is it supplied?

Did you have to pay for it?


Does the patient have to pay a fee?

Did you have to request it?

No (given automatically)

Does the patient have to ask for a copy?

Anything else you would like to say?

Anything else you would like to say?

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