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This party gives a voice to those who feel disillusioned or disenfranchised by the choice of political parties or their candidates. By placing our candidates for election, voters will be able to say that none of the other candidates are suitable choices. We have no manifesto or political view, but offer the electorate freedom of expression, and an end to 'voter apathy'.

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Latest news

Letter campaign

We are urging people to write to the Chairman of the Electoral Commission to ask him to carry out trials for a "none of the above" box on ballot papers. The Commission's own research has shown that it would encourage up to 33% of non-voters to use their vote. We feel it is important that our democracy allows people to positively abstain where they feel there is not a wide enough choice of candidates or those on the ballot paper all appear to be unsuitable.

Read the letter and copy the text or download it as a Word file and sent by post, or by email to the Electoral Commission at . Please feel free to personalise the letter and add comments you would like the Commission to be aware of. Please add your contact details so Sam Younger can reply to you. We would be interested to know how the Commission responds to your letter.

New report (May 2006) suggests compulsory voting with "none of the above" as an option.

A Citizen's Duty Voter inequality and the case for compulsory turnout.

Read or download the report, it's a PDF file, from the Institute of Public Policy Research.

Government bans "none of the above" from being included in a political party's name.

See the legislation.

From the Telegraph 29th April 2005
Four years ago, 17 per cent of Gallup's respondents said that if their ballot paper gave them a chance to vote for "None of the above" they would seize the opportunity. That proportion has now risen by almost half to 24 per cent, making "None of the above" the third largest party.

Links now include similar campaigns around the world.

Positive action, by the community, to increase voter turnout, by increasing choice.

For the St Albans District council elections we have submitted nomination papers for paper candidates to stand in the following wards,

  • Sopwell
  • Verulam
  • Ashley
  • Sandridge

This will allow the slogan "No Candidate Deserves My Vote!" to appear on ballot papers.

Sopwell and Verulam make up St Albans South County Council seat, mentioned on page 40 of the Electoral Commission report on the 2001 election (see below). Both wards are part of the national online voting experiment.

Our small party intends to use the statistical information from the elections in the campaign for a "None of the above" box on UK ballot papers similar to that available in elections in Australia and Sweden. We believe a "None of the above" box would increase voter turnout and empower the electorate. Certainly a "None of the above" box would take away any excuse for not voting.


Electoral Commission Report, page 40 "Election 2001: The Official Results"

At the 7 June County Council elections in Hertfordshire, a party registered as No Candidate Deserves My Vote stood a handful of candidates, its best result being 2.5% of the vote (174 votes) in St Albans South. The party takes the view that offering the opportunity of positive abstention could assist in increasing voter turnout. The results of the MORI survey conducted for the commission after the election offer some support for this suggestion: 12% of those asked said that being able to vote for "None of the above candidates" would have made them more likely to vote, and the figure increases markedly to 33% for non-voters. However the evidence from international practice in this regard is inconclusive. The Commission does not believe that the case is yet made for the introduction of positive abstention within the UK electoral practice, but intends to undertake a more thorough examination of the issues involved.

Frequently asked questions


People can show they don't support any candidates by not voting.

With the present system there is no way of knowing why people are not voting. With our candidate on the ballot paper the results could be used by those that study elections (psephologists), as well as sending a message to the politicians.

They could spoil their ballot paper.

If 80% of an electorate did this, and the remainder voted for one of four candidates, the candidate with a minority of support would win. Our party would enable the majority to force a re election, rather than allow an unwanted candidate to be elected.

Proportional representation would solve this problem.

It may, but we have to wait for the government to introduce it. Our party allows the people to introduce change now, if they want to.

Compulsory voting would end voter apathy.

Maybe, but then it becomes more important that people have the freedom to express their opinion when voting, rather than have to pick the best of (what they may consider) a bad bunch.

What are the policies of the party?

Only that ballot papers should have a choice of "None of the above" at the bottom of the list of candidates, this would count as a "null" vote. Once this is done, the party will be disbanded.

But what are your views on Europe, healthcare, the economy?

We have none, we only seek the freedom of expression in the political process.

But you are listed as a political party.

We had to form a registered party, to have candidates across the UK representing the same ideal.

Fringe parties don't make a difference.

Don't they, it's how the Labour party started. We know we're a fringe, but for how long, we'll let the voters decide that.

If people don't agree with the political parties they should join them, and change them from within.

Yes that is possible, but would take a long time. We believe the people of this country are tired of waiting for change. By choosing to vote for us, they can send a more immediate message to the political parties.

You are not likely to win many seats.

We know, we're not doing this because we want to win. It's because we believe the people of this country deserve the opportunity to express themselves using the ballot box. Trust us, we are not politicians.

What happens if you do win a seat?

In the case of a parliamentary election our candidate will then resign, thus forcing a re election.

So who are the people in the party?

The voters of this country that are tired of the political merry-go-round.

How many candidates do you have?

Several for the council elections, but as a new party, no candidates for the general election. Our aim is to field a candidate in all 659 seats for the next general election, and as many as possible in council elections.

Who can stand as a candidate?

Anyone can stand for our party while they don't have an axe to grind. We refused to accept some candidates for the 2001 general election; they were representing their own views, or were intending to spite another candidate.


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We had no candidates standing in the 2001 general election, but we did have candidates in the local elections on June 7th 2001.

Hertfordshire County Council June 7th 2001
St. Albans South Peter Robert Goodall
St. Albans East Margaret Payne
St. Albans North Paul Mann
St. Albans Central Rosemary Iris Flanagan
St. Albans District Council June 7th 2001
Sopwell Ward Peter Robert Goodall

St. Albans local elections 2002



% of vote


Ashley 31 1.67% 38.05%
Sandridge 21 1.58% 36.98%
Sopwell 36 3.16% 23.27%
Verulam 29 1.51% 38.92%

Southfields ward, Ealing. Local council election May 2002
Turnout 32.8%

Name of candidate


Number of votes

Bastin, Colin The Labour Party candidate 823
Carter, Rex Edward John The United Kingdom Independence Party candidate 90
Chadha, Philip Manpreet The Labour Party candidate 668
Gibbs, Doreen Ethel The Conservative Party candidate 669
Khan, Jamal Ali The Conservative Party candidate 541
Kietz, Linda Jean The Labour Party candidate 708
Malcolm, Gary The Liberal Democrat Focus team candidate 1414
Meiklejohn, Christina Leith Violet The Green Party candidate 342
Mitchell, Andrew Darby The Liberal Democrat Focus team candidate 1490
Porter, Adam No candidate deserves my vote 43
Rose, Harvey Burlingham The Liberal Democrat Focus team candidate 1440
Young, Janet Elizabeth The Conservative Party candidate 622

Our aim is to have 659 candidates for the next general election, and as many as possible in future local elections. Join us as a member or candidate, and together we can give the people of this country a stronger voice at the ballot box.

Contact details

No Candidate Deserves My Vote!
8 Belmont Court
Belmont Hill
St. Albans

Tel / Fax: 01727 847370


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