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Books for yourself, or your department.
A personal selections of ecg books, not in any particular order.
There are many ecg books around, but I think you'll find these least confusing.
But don't just take my word for it, from this page you can search the Amazon UK site for any ECG books, and if I'm missing any good ones please let me know.

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Making sense of the ECGMaking sense of the ECG. Highly recommended, a (largish) pocketbook with a chapter on each part of the complex and superb indexing. Packed with practical advice on drugs, treatment, and diagnosis. The only drawbacks are that the ecg's are reduced in size, and a systematic approach to 12 lead diagnosis is not given.

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The ECG in practiceThe ECG in practice. Many examples of 12 lead ECGs, sensibly grouped; normal (20 examples), palpitations, chest pain, breathlessness, non-cardiac. Though reduced in size for this pocketbook, a good reference text if you have a basic understanding of the 12 lead ECG.

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100 ECG problems100 ECG Problems. Great collection of 12 lead ECGs for practice and reference, excellent index and clinical information. Another pocketbook from John Hampton, ECGs are cross referenced with "The ECG made easy" and "The ECG in practice".

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The ECG by exampleECGs by Example. At last a life size book of 12 lead ECGs with rhythm strips. Eighty are included, arranged by abnormality. Covers arrhythmias, blocks, pacing, ischaemia, hypertrophy and miscellaneous.

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The only EKG book you ever needThe only EKG book you'll ever need. An ECG book with a sense of humour, covers the basics of the 12 lead ECG, and all common abnormalities. Informative and entertaining.

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Cardiac arrhythmiasCardiac Arrhythmias. An excellent reference book by David Bennett, includes pacing, anti-arrhythmic drugs and arrhythmias for interpretation.

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Success with heart failureSuccess With Heart Failure. OK, so it's not an ECG book, but this comes highly recommended for patients and their relatives as well as health care staff.

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